The 4-Steps-Meditation

This meditation is designed to bring the principles of the book to life. This combines the ancient and proven techniques of Vajrayana Buddhism, specifically Dzogchen, with modern scientific principles around Heartmath.  

In addition, the insights of Integral Buddhism are also included - Ken Wilber’s  "Fourth Turning Buddhism".

This meditation can be done by doing one step per meditation, or by doing all four in a single sit. 


1. Step:  mindfulness/settling down    

Sit on a meditation cushion or on a chair at a quiet place with eyes closed or half open, in front of a candle and focus on your breath going in and out, feeling your belly rising and falling. Visualize a glass with muddy water, the water clearing up slowly when the mud settles on the bottom of the glass. If there are strong thoughts, visualize a room with strong walls and a door to be locked safely; then take those thoughts and put them into the room and close and lock the door.                                                                               

2. Step:  heart opening   

Continue breathing and focus your breath on your heart. Remember and connect with a moment when you were completely loved and cared for; keep breathing and opening your heart. (When your heart opens to your heart intelligence, the heart-brain is activated and starts to coordinate the autonomic nervous system and other vital systems in your body.)                                                                                                                            

3. Step:  transformation 

Visualize taking these feelings and thoughts out of the mind in a big bubble and let them merge into your heart. There the power of your living and radiating heart, with its heart intelligence, will transforming your problematic thoughts and feelings into an answer or a positive idea. Or the thoughts and emotions may simply be absorbed, self-liberated, and self-purified into the universal space.


4. Step:   deep listening                                     

Use an image of light within your heart, and let it merge into the absolute, endless light of the sky and the ultimate space there. Sink into the open, loving arms of your primordial home, to your spiritual father or mother where we all come from. Unified with the endless space you mindfully listen into the silence of it and rest ...