The Path of the three Steps

Step 1: 

Balancing the 

minor polarities 

within the Relative (horizontal dimension)
and discovering

relative wisdom 

by and within it as a part of the vertical dimension

Humanly altered - original nature
Traditional - modern spirituality
Male - female emancipation
Old age - elderhood

"In the Western world, there are more and more elderly people in old age, but fewer and fewer elders expressing their wisdom as mentors to our society. We must strike a balance by recalling the role of elders in Indigenous cultures and re-empowering older people into powerful elderhood. Our culture desperately needs more elder wisdom leadership."

Step 2: 

Balancing the

major polarity 

by bringing together 

relative and absolute wisdom 

(the full vertical dimension)

Awakend Science - mystical experience
Practical method - space of wisdom 
Mindfulness - deep meditation
Relative - absolute wisdom 

"Through the practice of mindfulness along performing our lives we are focused on the present moment f.e. on watching the breath and experience by this relative wisdom. Deep meditation asks us to experience f.e. us as the breather, the breath and the breathing process at the same time; this is a way of going intentionally beyond the mind and getting to know absolute wisdom."

Step 3: 


the stable state of unified wisdom 
beyond all dimensions

Ultimate Unity

"The simultaneousness of the form and the formless"
"Experencing stillness and movement at the same time"

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