"Three steps into ONENESS"

Holistic Spirituality* 

follows the view of the inner "call" of a nangpa and warrior of the rainbow, as they arise within an elder.

Nangpa (Tibetan): someone - a yogi - who seeks to find truth and wisdom inside 
Warrior of the rainbow: knowledge after the earth's Indigenous wisdom keepers
Elderhood: is the natural role of elder people supporting society as wise mentors.

Holistic Spirituality* is a new view on awakening including Indigenous, traditional and modern skillful methods. 

On the path into it, there are three steps within two dimensions to be followed. 

As a result of this path absolute and relative wisdom shine up, with our heart as the center, and lead us to the experience of ONENESS.

Holistic Spirituality* is a specific term, representing my own approach towards a spirituality that contains specific elements of the Relative and Absolute. There are varying understanding about the meaning of “holistic spiritual paths” used by different traditions and authors, so I want to make this distinction what this term means, and why. 

The Book ... 

Holistic World View meets 
Holistic Spirituality